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Poketernity // Pixelmon 4.2.7


We are a survival server with an economical impact. Who will beat the gyms and become a champion?

We are a growing, server with fun and understanding staff.
We are using the version 4.2.7 of pixelmon for Minecraft 1.8.9 which if you guys do not like, i'll make a poll and think about updating it to the latest version.

We have donation stores, and gyms which are being made right now.
Legendaries will be released to the donation store after 5 days of the server being opened but if you cannot wait til then, the spawning is allowed.

Whenever you join, you are able to choose a pokemon of your choice (not a legendary or ditto and yet is Pre-evoulved) for a free shiny! :D
We have a Crates plugin in the making so whenever you donate to get a crate key you have a chance to unlock Special Edition Kits, Pokemon and Shinies.

E.g : Can I have a shiny volcarano
e.g: Make sure it is pre-evoulved so Larvesta?
e.g Yes please, larvesta! :D

We also have a discord you can find @

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