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Timeless Tyrian


Hello everyone, my name is Jevilius and I'm the Owner of the new and upcoming server, Timeless Tyrian, together with Ashesfall_. Our server is an Adventure server aimed towards competetive battling and we have many interesting and original concepts and ideas for it.

At this moment we have finished Kanto and Johto in our own style. This style is a mixture of the game map with reality. There are no actual borders, caves are not the man-made mazes they are in the game, but are more realistic. Our goal with this is to have a lot of room to explore and find Pokémon. Future building plans include the Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova region. We will built these while our server is up and running on a seperate building server.

As most servers, our server has gyms, the Elite 4s and Champions. As we felt this was pretty generic, we decided to add another fun factor from the games, the Battle Frontier. You're probably wondering "How will that work?", but in reality it's pretty simple. Each region will have a Frontier Brain with his/her own Facility. The players come up with ideas for special challenges when they apply to become a Frontier Brain. Only chosen people are allowed to apply for this position, as it will be the toughest League in our server.

Our screening process for the other positions, such as Gymleader, are pretty harsh too; however, if you didn't make it the first time, you're free to apply again with a given time limit. In the end we still want people to have fun, and not just be a training camp.

Aside from our Leagues we will also host several tournaments with different themes and restrictions. This is to encourage our players to keep training new Pokémon and get more creative with movesets and team building. The official tournaments hosted by staff will have neat prizes, but players are allowed to set up their own tournaments as well through the forums.

In short, we're aiming towards a good time with everyone in a competetive nature! We hope to see you all on our forums before opening and on our server after the opening!

We are now open for the public and we hope to see you all on our server!

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