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Welcome One and All To PixelWaves!

We are a Pixelmon server that has big ambitions that we are wanting to strive towards! But for now what we have to offer you all include:
Pixelmon Island
-Friendly and Helpful Staff
-Competitive Style
-Playtime Rewards
-Multi Server Wide Rewards
-Different Gens Every Season
-Different Maps Every 2 Seasons
-And More!

PixelWaves Adventures (In Development)

This is just a few features we currently have however our goal is to bring a enjoyable experience filled with nostalgia of old pixelmon modes as well as bringing new modes to the table. Such experiences include:

-Classic Pixelmon Minigames (such as Crane Game)
-Adventure servers where you can experience a whole well different "Adventure" haha with towns and quests and challenges along the way (player gyms included)
-And a lot more classic pixelmon experiences!

So what are you waiting for Join PixelWaves and be part of the greatest H20 Community ever!

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