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We are a 24/7 Pixelmon server currently running 4.2.7

We have a gym system.
Daily drop partys
A fun community and an active forum

Hope to see you ingame karps!

Great Server Not A Ton Of Wild Spawns (Unless You Are In A Area For A Few Mins) Over All Awesome Server
Posted 14th Sep 2016
Why is your server named karprebellion? do you have some against magikarps? They are the best pokemon ever. The servers lags me and lacks things to do
Posted 2nd Sep 2016
i hated my stayyyy fix your shit
Posted 2nd Sep 2016
Just a messy and confusing. Very little staff ever are on. Donations are pay to win, very unfair! Breeder rank makes breeding skewed very against normal players. Pretty sure they are breaking Mojang rules majorly by things they sell in the server shop.
Posted 1st Sep 2016
This is overall a good server to play on, with most of the staff being helpful and friendly. However, you really have to know what you're getting into before you play, and it has a lot of room to improve.

Firstly, they don't take constructive criticism (or any criticism) well at all. I've seen some people with good comments, but they get shot down so fast. One guy even got a pretty harsh response from the owner himself. I've not seen any case where they've been so petty as to ban someone for it, so there is that in their favor.

Secondly, their rules are not clearly defined at at. There is a /rules function in the game, but it doesn't cover half of their arbitrary requirements, which I have had to learn simply by hearing about transgressors. For example, nowhere does it say that the use of spawners in haunted towers is not allowed, but that is apparently a serious offense. Nor does it tell you that they'll mute you (or threaten to do so) for using more than four capital letters in a single message. Most recently, I saw someone on the forums appeal a ban for advertising--which is not directly prohibited anywhere in their rules, nor is it explicitly defined what qualifies. Another thing that isn't addressed anywhere is "letter dragging." As I'm writing this post, I saw a guy say "noooooo" when someone drowned. Just a silly little thing, and an admin was instantly on his case about it.

Thirdly, and this is especially bad given how horrible they are about communicating their rules and expectations, the punishments they affix to various offenses are ridiculously harsh. I've seen people perma-banned for advertising, when they were whispering about other servers to acquaintance (oh yeah, every single staff member can see all "private" chat messages. They often chime in on things in public chat, so when people see messages without context calling someone out it's basically a name and shame game). There was one guy that had the misfortune of deciding to build his base in a boss tower that had a glitched PokeLoot on the roof, and he was immediately perma-banned because it could be used more than once. They had something of a case against him knowingly abusing it, given the nearby chest filled with high value loot... but he had a valid explanation for that in the form of the boss spawners (which, as noted above, are not said to be prohibited anywhere; they spawn in the world, and it doesn't tell you anywhere that their policy on it is that if you find it, you call an admin to get rid of it), and he swore up-and-down he couldn't use the loot more than once. But as many of you probably know, there is a timed pokeloot feature in the mod and it's not hard to believe one of them could have glitched in even if that config was off (it is a relatively new version on a fresh server restart)... so even then, that does not necessarily show malicious intent and did not warrant a full ban.

Fourth, they are unfairly close-minded about these punishments, even though they are nominally allowed to be appealed. I quote a senior admin:
"We'd prefer someone who didn't make the mistake at all. We can't really be lenient about this, and all these comments by players and yourself aren't adding to what you said in the initial report..."
There is no reason they cannot be lenient about many of these punishments, especially since many of them are the result of the staff and owner's poor communication. One of the arguments they've given is that rescinding some bans would make others feel like theirs should be, too, but that logic is flawed. Every offense is different, and reconsidering one hasty or ill-informed decision does not necessarily reflect upon another.

Fifth, some very few of the staff picks would seem to be based solely on how they suck up to the owner and/or dump large sums of money into the donation store. I actually only have one staff member in mind for this: they have a relatively high donation rank and have recently been made a Helper... but their aid has always been limited to sarcastically and acidly chiming in after someone else has tried to help, only to correct a minor detail. They have not been representing the staff well and have not been, from what I have seen, at all popular--people dread interactions with the guy. I will not play their name and shame game, here, but I'm sure more than a few active players know exactly who I speak of.

Sixth, they have disabled some aspects of the game. I cannot honestly complain about the nether being disabled, because their argument that it can cause lag is perfectly valid. Nor do any pokemon spawn there, so it's not really a loss of any features. The only real issue it causes is the scarcity of quartz, which is a popular decoration block and is used in redstone comparators.
However, they have also disabled foraging. I don't know why, but it doesn't really matter. It's an important feature of Pixelmon, and at least one item simply cannot be acquired because of it: Shiny Stones. I realize that really only directly affects Togetic, who cannot be evolved to Togekiss without one... but that is still, in my mind, an entirely unacceptable loss for so arbitrary a decision. There isn't really any good reason to disable it.

Seventh, they require a (positive) review on this site to apply for helper or any sort of position. This has likely lead to more than a few of these issues being left out by others, and portrays the server as considerably more flawless than it actually is. The owner has also held a contest in the past, offering a chance at valuable donation-store merchandise in exchange for these reviews. This skewed advertising is dishonest, and these are only the two most obvious and undeniable instances of it.

TL:DR - This is a pretty good server to play on, assuming you can stay on the staff's good side. The problem is, their poor communication (incidentally, the guy I mentioned in my point on criticism? He made some of these same comments on the value of communication and how they could stand to improve, and I can't say reading the owner's response gave me a very professional vibe) makes it incredible easy to fail in that regard... and their altogether too harsh treatment of perceived offenders means you probably won't get a second chance. I would not advise donating anything on this server until you've been on long enough to pick up all the little things they don't tell you; that is, if you plan to donate at all.
Posted 23rd Aug 2016
server is just not fun at all
Posted 15th Aug 2016