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Inquisition Pixelmon (4.3)


Hello! We are Inquisition Pixelmon! We are currently going through some changes and starting with a fresh and stronger start!

We currently have a Discord for you to join and keep up with what is going on!

We are currently going through a phase of changing from 4.2.7 to 4.3. Since 4.3 is over the horizon and extremely close to a fully stable release. We will soon be upgrading to 4.3 and have a stronger and more stable server to handle everything! We hope you will come tag along and join us! We plan to have everything to Gyms, adventure, economy and much more! We are a very open minded community so any ideas are welcome and we have open arms to all who want to join and simply have fun and a mature, friendly experience!

Over the months, this server has been going through a lot of changes. The earlier reviews made by some immature kids are really false statements. Reasons for some mistakes in the game are due to the issue of it not being 4.3. But now the server is better than ever with our update to 4.3. I am happy to say that i am treated very well by others way older than me. I feel safe in this servers environment and all the players around me. So if you want a server that cares about each of its players, join inquisition pixelmon. You will have a blast playing on our server. Hope to see you soon.
Posted 29th Oct 2016
The server constantly goes down for 30 minutes at a time and is annoying to play on.
Posted 10th Aug 2016
Everyone know Pixelmon has bugs but the owner feels the need to not deal with these bugs because he "didn't make pixelmon so he shouldnt have to fix its issues"

For example: A Raikou spawned and the waiting... glitched happened so i had to /endbattle then when I tried to fight it again, it said "This pokemon is currently in battle" Instead of comping me for the glitched legendary he said he shouldnt have to because hes shouldnt help with the bugs of pixelmon
Posted 10th Aug 2016