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RosaeCraft Pixelmon


RosaeCraft is a small and new server with a lot of potential. We offer a plethora of features and areas to explore. If you love adventuring, then you’ll love what we’ve created. Our builds are detailed and unique. You can follow the routes and use Skygates to travel to the next town, or simply take a gate to the wild, the choice is yours.


~Friendly Staff and Community

~Player Claimable Blocks (Grief Prevention Plugin)

~Create or Join Teams

~Buy Houses from Towns

~9 Towns Each with A castle

~8 Gyms

~Safari Zone (12 Biomes)

~Training Areas (Lvl 10 to 55)

~8 Gyms

~Elite Four

~Marriage System and Church for Weddings

~Fossil Labs

~Pokemart Super Centre (Small marts in All Towns)

~Create Player Shops

~Voting Rewards

~Hidden Areas to Explore (With Prizes)

~Drop Parties


~And More To Come!

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