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Welcome to PokeUnderground


Version : Pixelmon Generations 8.4.2 [Forge 1.12.2]

Server Features Include:

12k Biomes o Plenty Survival Map!
Shiny Starter Pokemon and a Great First Join Kit!
Competitive Gyms > Custom Battle Tower > Free EV Training!
Extension PokeMart with Shops for everything you'll ever need!
Feature Packed PokeCenter including Daycare, Incubators & much more!
Over 300 Custom Pokemon Textures!
Global Server Boosters for all players!
Dedicated Shrines and Tournament Arena areas!
Player and Pokemon Cosmetics!

Coming Soon Features:

Immersive Quest System!
Even More Player and Pokemon Cosmetics!
Competitive Battle Frontier!
And Even More Unique Custom Features!

How to Join

Discord :
Website :
Technic :

As far as new and emerging servers goes, you can't get much better than PokeUnderground. Sure, there are creases to iron out and there is a need for feedback, however the team is actively reaching out for and reviewing feedback and making changes to the server to benefit the community. If you want the opportunity to help shape a server and its community, you can't go far wrong joining PokeUnderground.
Posted 24th Jan 2021
Save yourself some time and avoid this server.

They want you to pay them $10 for /ivs.

A critical feature nearly every server in existence offers you for free will cost money here.
The server replied:
Some shortcut commands were kept to donor only so that donors would have perks without being p2w. IVs and EVs are able to be seen by using other commands for free, as we tell people. $10 is for more than just two commands.
Posted 6th Jan 2021