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JAC Network Simply Pixel


Come join us on JAC Simply Pixel. Here on JAC Simply Pixel we enjoy giving back to our players and hold daily events throughout the week! We also feature 8 gyms with an Elite 4! We have a custom EV Training Area, Tournament Arena and much more to offer!

On Simply Pixel we hold biweekly tournaments every Sunday at 2 pm EST. No tournament will have the same rules and we will always make them unique and more exciting for the players!

Our events run Monday through Friday at 6-8 pm EST. They consist of the following:

Monday: We double the odds of you getting a Meltan! On top of that, we set the breeding stage cycle to 2 stages instead of the normal 5 while also making it half the distance to hatch your eggs!

Tuesday: We quadruple the chances of finding a shiny Pokemon!

Wednesday: We double your Pokemons ECP gains when battling Pokemon!

Thursday: We double the chance of a legendary Pokemon spawning! On top of that, we halv the original time that a legendary would have a chance of spawning!

Friday: We run a weekly vote that you the players vote on for the Pokemon to feature in our featured area! We have a fresh build to match the Pokemon we will feature that week! We have spawners set around this area with a 10 times increased rate of being shiny!

More events are to come. We will have a custom-built safari zone that we will run every other Saturday!

As if that were not enough we feature 8 custom-built gyms to reflect to the gym leader's Pokemon typing! We also have a beautiful castle in the sky where we feature our Elite 4!

Our custom EV Zone will yield the max EVs of 3 every time you defeat a Pokemon in the EV Zone!

We also feature a Magikarp pool at spawn to give you a head start on leveling up your starter Pokemon before you start your new journey into the beautiful world of Pixelmon!

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you soon Trainer! Do you have what it takes to become the very best? Come prove it on JAC Network's Simply Pixel!

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