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Ever have those days when you can't decide between playing Pokemon and playing Minecraft? Have we got the cure for you! Introducing the PAWgames brand Pixelmon Server! For the low, low price of free, you too can play with your very own Pixelmon! This is an exclusive offer that will end at never o'clock! So hurry and order your Pixelmon experience now!

Your friendly (and devilishly handsome) owners:
_WalrusKnight - 20 year-old builder/server manager, holds record for longest yes.
Arakai_ - 21-year old graphic artist/staff manager, slurps better than you.
KENisFIS - 32 year-old developer, lots of dad humor!

PAW Games is a network devoted to its community, from weekly karaoke, to helping with any issues; the owners of PAW Games are constantly on their servers, interacting with everyone! Our Admins also hold events to entertain you, we have (and are looking for) gym leaders for other players to challenge and earn badges! PAW Games has a small development team that constantly creates and upholds plugins that are made by us, for us! We have installed Wondertrade, and decreased the time of use from 2 hours, to 5 minutes, allowing you more chances to get amazing Pokemon! We have EVs/IVs to make life a lot easier for you Breeders! We have an upgrade system, giving you unique perks as you level up. Don't want to get griefed? We have installed the GriefPrevention plugin for easy use!

We are proud to say that our community is LGBTQIA+ and Furry friendly! We also have a vanilla network on 1.8 [] for those who cannot use Pixelmon. If you need any help, or want to know more about us, you can hop on our TeamSpeak server, there's always someone on! []

We hope to see you on PAW Games!

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