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Custom Modpack

Custom Modpack

Download everything you need to play in one click!


BRAND NEW. We opened the server on the 27th Feb 2017. Come join a brand new & growing community. Come become a legend among the players!
No RL Cash Shop

No RL Cash Shop

FOREVER NON-P2W. We will never sell pokemon, items or in game money for real life money.
Ranks Based On Loyalty!

Ranks Based On Loyalty!

We will introduce a rank system that promotes players based on play-time and loyalty to the server. No ranks will have any perks that could be considered P2W by anyone!


SERVER DISCORD - We are almost always active on discord, come join us!


✔ Non-P2W/ No RL Shops
✔ Custom Modpack - Easy To Install!
✔ Claim Land
✔ "Tech" mods! - Mekanism, ProjectRed, OpenComputers & More!
✔ Keep Inventory On Death
✔ Mature & Experienced Staff
✔ Voting Rewards
✔ No Hunger
✔ NPC Shops
✔ Discord Channel Connected To Our Server
✔ And Much more!

About us:
Pixelmon Nation was created due to there being a shortage of non-p2w Pixelmon servers available. You will NEVER be able to by any Pokémon, items or in-game currency with RL currency on this server.
We offer a "legit" Pixelmon survival experience with tech mods much as Mekanism, OpenComputers & ProjectRed.

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