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Sunshine Pixelmon

Sunshine Pixelmon


Version : 3.5.1
Server ip:

Server features:
[1] Win Real Money Tournaments
[2] Purchasable ranks
[3] Amazing setup
[4] Npc Gyms & Player Elite 4
[5] Crates
[6] Grief Prevention
[7] Big community
[8] Weekly Drop parties
[9] Weekly events
[10] Quests

We’ve made sure that our server is not pay-to-win so we have Legendries enabled and you can buy shiny keys with in game money. We have made it so that a donator has the same chance of winning the tournament as a normal player. We have striven to create the best competitive pixelmon server so everyone has the same chance to win its all about how skilled you are at pokemon and how much time you’re ready to invest into the server.

Keep-inv is on
Fall damage is off
Spawn rates are set to high

Server rules
[1] No Griefing
[2] No spamming on the server
[3] No sexual content
[4] No advertising
[5] Keep the swearing limited
[6] Respect Others
[7] No cheating {including xray duping etc}
[8] Don’t abuse exploits
[9] No scamming
[10] No sexism
[11] No racism

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