This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Megamon Network - Pixelmon 1.6.4


Megamon Network:

We are a group of hard working people looking to create the most awesome pixelmon servers there is. We have spent long and hard trying to perfect are server. Guess what? We finnaly did it Megamon will be the best Pixelmon server you will ever see. We hope to the bottom of are hearts you enjoy this server. Because are team has spent countless hours building, and configuring the server.


Pixelmon Classic:
This is the classic Pixelmon we have friendly staff and friendly players im sure you will enjoy the classic feel of Pixelmon. We have griefprevention as the claiming/anitgriefing plugin, we also have an awesome starter kit aswell as builds. If you enjoy building, Pokemon, and friendly people this is the server for you.

Pixelmon Factions:
Do you enjoy raiding, and griefing? Well this is the server for you Pixelmon factions we use the factions plugin for claiming and making clans to team up with. We have amazingly good staff and awesome support for all your troubly needs. We hope you have a great time on the server and enjoy the raiding, griefing, and pvp

Server Events:

From time to time we will do drop party's in each server it will be broadcasted over the servers and the lobbys where and when it will take place. How do we have drop party's you make ask. Well we decide on the goal for expample if 50 people are on or we get 100 votes on the server or $100 on the server basicly we set a goal and if we reach that goal every on the server gets a reward.

Builder Application:

We are hiring advanced builders on are server you must have the following to be builder


Must be over the age of 15
Must know how to use building plugins such as worldedit
Have to have Skype
Can be on at least for 2 - 5 hours


Why do you want to be builder:
Why should you be builder:
What styles of building to you have:
How many servers have you build on:
Tell me a little about yourself:

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