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A relatively new pixelmon server that is growing by the day and has a nice community so you can enjoy messaging other while playing! We have dedicated staff and lots of features listed below to make your experience more enjoyable if you wish to use them!

Features (All free with no paid rank required!):

  • EV and XP Grinder
  • NPC Gyms with a new Elite 4 type player system being added!
  • Eeveelution Starters
  • Boss Grinder with one for every type so you can grind with ease
  • Infinite Homes
  • Biomes O' Plenty
  • Randomized Legend Spawn Biomes! (more about that inside the server's discord)
  • Pixelmon & TCG Tournaments!
  • PokeHunt
  • And More!

We are looking to add many more features as well and look for what the players want and try to add it all!

Hope to see you online soon! :D

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