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8 Custom gyms for you to take on
Challenging Elite Four
Community Events
Grief Prevention
1.16.5 Supported
Custom Modpack with extra mods, performance improvements, and quality-of-life additions
Quests with free rewards and long-term challenges to take on
Free daily vote rewards
Support tickets to contact the staff if you need help
Active and friendly community

Modpack download (Needed To Join The Server):
Discord Server:

Welcome To Pokeblock

Pokeblock is a pixelmon server based on the 1.16.5 update. It comes with its own custom modpack, that adds extra mods into the game, to spice up the gameplay, added some extra decoration mods, add more to pixelmon, and include performance improvements and quality of life changes. Using our own custom modpack, allows us to offer our players the best possible version of Pixelmon with no limitations.

Events and Updates
Pokeblock is always updating, with new features and community-suggested ideas. We want Pokeblock to feel like a server you can put a lot of time into, so we want there always to be something new to check out. Pokeblock also has regular events, giving players the chance to earn extra rewards and ranks.

The Pokeblock server comes with a huge range of quests and challenges for you to take on. Some of them are small with the idea of you learning the server, others are more long term giving players a goal to hit. Quest comes with free rewards and even ranks for the server.

Gyms - A Challenge
Lots of pixelmon servers have their gyms set a little too easy for us. We've built ours to give the player a bit of a challenge. With currently 8 gyms for you to take on.

The server also features an elite four and a battle tower.

Active Staff
Pokeblock has an active staff team, with a support ticket system on our Discord. Meaning no matter your question, or issue, support is always there to help.

Join Our Server
Like the sound of that, join our server by downloading the Pokeblock Reforged pack on Curse Forge.

This really is well put together server. Everyone been super helpful. Well thought out mod list. plus it is super friendly on my old pc (i5 3gen 8gb ram)
The progression is clear and its just lots of fun. Its got some parts that even a seasoned mc player would like. also great for a noob like me, -Exie179
Posted 21st Oct 2023
I wished there were more items added to the admin shop. Also wished there was a way to teleport to specific biomes.

IGN: soysuva
Posted 20th Oct 2023
Great server! Love the combination of pixelmon and create. My user is thedoctor147 and although I just started, I am loving it!
Posted 18th Sep 2023
Great community that'll help you if you need it. Fun modpacks. - Lucifer420Xx
Posted 12th Aug 2023
User: I_ko_

Great server, my personal goto when it comes to modded minecraft servers because of the great community and how active the servers are

good job!
Posted 3rd Jul 2023
This server is very great my user name is : LockonZ:
Posted 15th Jun 2023
i love playing on this server because everyone is so kind to eachother also they help you a lot, you can make some new friends here, this is a safe server where u can be creative with ur buildings, try new mods that u maybe havent knew about, play with friends, explore new dimensions. also if u need help or wanna build together my ign is BuffySummers121
Posted 5th Apr 2023
Have been playing the server for a short time, but the server runs fairly well. I only have issues in the admin shops and that is okay. Would love to see spawn eggs available to purchase as well! Great modpack, fun server, reliable staff.
- Cyber_Cat
Posted 28th Mar 2023
this server is very relax and calming, great for a first time Pokémon play through -KingBlackMage
Posted 28th Feb 2023
This server has a bit of everything for every type of modpack player. It includes magic, tech (to an extent), food, new mobs, dimensions and much more. What it lacks as of right now is player and admin shops to make use of the currency that is implemented within the game from voting. The modpack runs very smoothly on low performance pc's and laptops which makes it very accessible to those who wish to play but can't handle heavy mods.

mc user- Dank_Dub
Posted 27th Feb 2023