This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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a fun pixelmon server with towns and gyms and elite 4.
you can play mini games such as tntrun and bowspleef to earn extra money
you can mine in the wilderness then sell your material for money to help you in your pixelmon adventure.
in the wilderness pvp is enabled.
new item bank and money bank available in a few towns this way you can store lots of items and money and still get them in another town :)

you can buy houses from the Owner (Djspun) or rent them for 30 real days by right clicking the rent sign :) houses are good to get you back to the town you live in with /home (Owning a house give the abillity to customize your house "cant get any bigger ether same size or smaller and you can have chests and nything else you can build saves you money in the long run")

this server will always be updated to the latest update of pixelmon mod

help wanted in the moderator and building department talk with Djspun

towns and other mini game like stuff still being worked on but all the gyms and elite 4 are complete (you will notice that the last few towns have only gyms and no building yet :P)

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