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This is a little story line that going behind this server > You being placed in a factory and has to work to get to the top! All mines are available with 100% customized Pokemon spawning, Loot, Hidden Armor that will buff you up ( you must wear the entire set for the effect to be active )!
You start off in " Mine A" mining, woodcutting and digging for poke ball in the Factory until you have enough money to fight the Big Boss in Mine A! Once you have beaten the boss, he will hand you a badge which promotes you to Mine B with a whole new mine + different loot! Each mine will have it own custom loot and pokemon spawning ! There will be no renting CELL > instead you have to get a plots and earn blocks from random event! : ) We have set up so many random events that give you free vanilla blocks to build your house, base or even mansion!

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