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PokéBankin' - [Pixelmon 3.0.2] [Custom NPCs] [Safa


What is PokéBankin'?
PokéBankin' is the refocused, reinvention of ShinxCraft. For those of you unfamiliar, ShinxCraft focused on player involvement with the pixelmon mod. PokéBankin', however, is going to be geared more towards the economy of the world filled with Pokémon. Players will have a large variety of options to play the game and our staff will always be open to suggestions to improve the experience of every player as much as possible! PokéBankin' is modded with CustomNPCs and Pixelmon, which both require Forge Mod Loader to be installed as well.

PokéBankin' Feature List:
Player-operated Gyms and Elite 4!
Active, friendly, mature, and non-abusive staff members!
Strong, but currently small, community of players!
Daily quests and quests that reward materials!
Choose how to live your adventure!
Open a shop or put that money towards a house!
Save up coins or donate to receive more to trade for various items!
Find powerful trainers to defeat and get rewards from!
Events for holidays, updates, and other various reasons!
Very rare legendary spawns!
Powerful rewards for donators!

Planned Features:
Safari Zone to find harder to find Pokémon for a fee!
High level zones and trainers to actually level!
Start a company with your friends, manage it properly, and make it's stock worth millions!
Stock market system!

Required Mods and How To Install
This section is still under work a bit as I plan on having a video made to show exactly how to install everything and connect to ShinxCraft for the first time!
Download the Required Mods

PokéBankin' Useful Topics:
PokéBankin' Staff List
PokéBankin' Staff, Gym, and Elite 4 Position Openings
PokéBankin' Events
PokéBankin' Screenshots
PokéBankin' Forums

PokéBankin' Connection Information:
After you have all the mods installed, you can now connect to the server! To do so just add this IP or directly connect to it:
It is very possible you will crash on your first connection, but just give it another attempt and if you still cannot connect, leave us a post on our forums and we'll assist you as best as possible!
Also, if you'd like to join our Teamspeak you can connect to it with this IP:

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