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Pixelmon Obsidian Chapter 2 : Opalia Region


Visit for more information

Ch. 2 Opalia Region IP:

--No White-list!
--Each Chapter has 100 Slots
--Hosted Servers - Not on a home machine!
--Long Term Server- We've been around for a while and we're not going anywhere soon!
--Active and Friendly Admin and Staff

-Opalia Region:
*5km X 5km Custom Adventure Map made with WorldPainter and featuring trees from the Tree Repository, 800+ handmade objects, 10+ towns!
-Custom NPCs! Around 150 of them!(and counting)
-Loads of quests! Around 75 of them!(and counting)
-Non-PVP mini games

I invite you to come and explore our worlds. We hope you enjoy all of our hard work. :D

About the Serer

We have been working on this map for over two years. We are trying to bring you a truly immersive pokemon experience. We have hand placed everything on this map including over 150 hidden pokeloot, more than 75 quests, and much more!

coming soonOur map features more to do that just grind pokemon though. You can battle other players in multiple PVP arenas with various game types to earn money for those hard to find pokemon items. We also have non-PVP games like Paint War, Spleef, Chess, and more!

We have put together a compelling story for our map. No rip-offs of pokemon games here! The Opalia Region is a unique place to explore with a main quest that will take around 25 hours to complete(not including all the sidequests and extras we have snuck in there). The main quest has multiple branches that you can take. Your decisions will matter and grant you access to different quests, rare items, and even rare pokemon based on how you choose to interact with NPCs.

Our goal is to make a server that plays like a real video game. We have modeled our server after 90's era squaresoft know....the good old days! :P Our Server isn't out to turn a profit. It is about making something people can enjoy. Its all about the passion for creation.

So if this seems like something you'd be interested in then come check us out.

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