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County Craft is a survival based Minecraft server. We use the best plugins to provide an enhanced experience every time you play.


  1. No racism.
  2. No cursing in global chat.
  3. No hacking/exploiting

A few of the plugins we use -

  • AutoEnchanter - Level up your items as you play more.
  • Buycraft - Get free stuff in game! /buy
  • ChatBubbles - Immersive chat.
  • DeathControl - Don't lose all your stuff when a creeper blow you up.
  • EssentialsKitManager - Kits for noobs.
  • Essentials - A lot of RPG features.
  • MCMMO Horses - Horse enhancements.
  • MCMMO - More RPG features.
  • MCTowns
  • Multiverse-Core
  • OreVeins - Find a lot more ore in interesting veins.
  • Vault
  • VillagerShop - Buy and sell like singleplayer.
  • WildernessTP - Want to explore alone? Teleport far away.
  • WorldEdit - Create entire skyscrapers with commands.
  • WorldGuard - Anti grief protection for your base.

We are staffed by a group of mature, English speaking admins. If you'd like to join us, please stop by today.

For free kits, just do /buy.

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