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The Empire Network's Pixelmon Server


The Empire Network is returning to the scene! After a recent period of inactivity, we are starting to develop a new server. What makes us different from the others you may see? Simple: mods and plugins, combined with excellent staff, provide an unique experience.

We proudly run, among other mods, Pixelmon 5.1.2. This means that you get the (currently) newest Minecraft/Pokemon hybrid gameplay, as well as additional content provided by the other mods.
We promise to offer amazing builds, friendly staff, an active community, and plenty of events for your entertainment.

The server offers an adventure world where all of our builds are hosted, and then we have a separate survival world on the same server for you to build your homes.

Join our discord today at :

Friendly staff, great community, and the additional mods add an experience that most other servers don't provide. Also, it's worth noting that the admin team of this server are very experienced and have run several servers before this one and they've all done well.
Posted 27th Jul 2017
u cant join the server cuz mod rejections.. thats to bad uninstall them
Posted 19th Jul 2017