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Project Indigo

Project Indigo (pixelmon)


We used to be a pixelmon server back in 2012. I'm delighted to announce that we're back and better than ever. Server is currently in Beta, we still have alot to do, but for the time being, feel free to come play. You can also join our discord, we provide support, and we're always taking suggestions!

Running reforged 6.3.2

Custom Shops
Custom Crates
Keep inventory
No PvP
Grief Prevention
Pokedex Rewards + Ranks
Shiny starters
New Map
Custom donator ranks
active and friendly community

looking for staff + builders

With much more to come.

Joined yesterday and from what I can tell it is a friendly community. They have a lot of randomly spawning bosses and Legendaries and the Donation tiers are pretty OP too. This server definitely deserves players.
Posted 31st Jul 2018
Okay, Just from this I think it will be a great server I just want to ask one thing what is the Discord. Because it is not on here
Posted 7th May 2018