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Pokeworld / Reforged 6.2.1


Welcome to Pokeworld!

Pixelmon Reforged / 6.2.1 / LATEST

Server IP >
Website > (Website down as it's under maintenance for a few days)
Discord >

We have officially launched!

Welcome to Pokeworld, a brand new friendly community. We have every feature you could imagine on our server, Gym Leaders, PokeBuilder, PokeHunt and there's too much more to explain! We host weekly tournaments, where you can win awesome prizes and rewards and even fun events for example HideAndSeek. Feel free to join our wonderful community, and have an awesome time. We hope you all enjoy your stay here at Pokeworld.

We are looking for staff members, if you think you're capable feel free to apply for the team!

The server is amazing the server and community is great and the staff are really helpful, there has been many great improvements to the server and the Owners have worked really hard to get in all the plugins!
Posted 3rd Feb 2018
Pokéworld in my view is one of the best pixelmon servers out there, small yes but the community is building and friends are being made.
This server is great for people who are sick of bad staff, no legends and rude players!
Pokeworlds staff are so helpful and u can really get to know them, I insist to anyone that sees this message GO PLAY POKEWORDL!!!
Posted 10th Jan 2018