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Sanctuary Gaming


Welcome to Sanctuary! Home of the most advanced MMORPG Pixelmon experience around! Please read on for further information.

The Exciting Stuff!

We aim to deliver the most unique and enjoyable Pixelmon RPG experience above other competing networks - We blend Pixelmon with stylistic inspiration of other massive RPGs/MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft,
Runescape, and Skyrim to achieve a fully in-depth, immersive experience you will not find elsewhere! Here's a list of just some of our biggest features you will find on Sanctuary.

  • Our own Resource Pack; Overhauling Vanilla, while still maintaining the same feel!
  • A fully fleshed out Adventure World; As well as the Survival you know and love!
  • Unique & Fully Custom Items!
  • Our own unique Quest system!
  • Skills; With a huge emphasis on the "Grind" playstyle you see in MMORPGs.
  • A full-fledged combat system alongside Pixelmon itself.
  • No use of Vanilla monsters. All our monsters are custom built and animated by us, for us.
  • Custom UIs, no more same old boring grids!

Our Ethos

Sanctuary Gaming was established in 2019, and ever since, we have always strived for the same goal: To provide an experience different from the other "cookie cutter" servers you have likely joined and instantly quit.
In our opinion, we believe a lot of other servers lack any "depth" - It's just a lot of individual features thrown together, kitchen sink style. We think you deserve better.

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