This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Eternia | 1.7.10 | pixelmon | 3.3.4 | updated | ne


Welcome to Eternia Servers. This is our pixelmon server, which features many things, including a battle tower to battle many trainers. The battle tower gets more difficult as you go up. Pixelmon is a world in which you collect pokemon to help you beat the gyms and trainers within the Minecraft world. Eternia, however, edits that to make it a bit more exciting. We have added a plugin that allows custom gyms which will be run by staff members, as well as having custom trainers in the battle tower. The Eternia group is run by two people that have worked with servers before, and have experience in helping out the community as well as making the server itself fun to play on. We have plugins included to make the server more interesting for you, and to help the server run faster and with less lag. Our spawn includes altars for Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno. Our spawn also contains a shop that allows you to buy great balls with money that you have earned in the game. You gain money by selling resources that you get mining, farming, killing mobs, and battling pokemon. You can also gain set drops on our server from these said pokemon. We have also included a voting system that has enabled the players to try to be the highest voter every month, and, in doing so, get a free legendary pokemon. The voting system also allows you a chance at getting various types of pokeballs, and very rarely a legendary pokemon. There's a wide world to explore, so why not start now?

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