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The Moist Ocean

The Moist Ocean


Welcome to The Moist Ocean! A brand new Pixelmon 5.0 Beta 10 Server! (Will be updated to the latest version every time!) We strive to make your experience on our server as pleasant as possible. We offer tons of fun and exciting things that I hope you'll enjoy! Here's just a small list:

  • Shiny LVL 10 Starters
  • Keep Inventory is on and hunger is off!
  • Highly customized website:
  • /kit starter every 24 hours for FREE loot!
  • We offer a free random egg on our donation page!
  • Alola Themed biome (regular ones are still available!)
  • Fun and exciting events hosted by our staff! Drop Parties will usually happen a few times a week!
  • /ru check (Checks your playtime and it will show you how many hours you have to go until your next rank! You start out as trainer and can be ranked up to Ace Trainer just by playing and get /pokeheal for free!)

This is just a small list of things we have to offer and we will be adding new things every day! I hope to see you around!


I suspect this server is filled with cyberbullying, directly and indirectly. My son was playing and got bullied just from a few question. Hopefully, this server can be taken down and off the pixelmon server list.
Posted 26th Nov 2016
This server is filled with people of mean and unkind. It might affect kids if they're playing here which can lead to cyberbullying. I wish that this server can be taken down due to cyberbullying, directly and indirectly.
Posted 26th Nov 2016
Great Server Totally Reccomend It Ive Played More Than 26 hours now and i love it shiny starters its just perfect. 10/10
Posted 29th Oct 2016