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Our server is a 1.10.2 pixelmon 5.0.0 Beta 12 minecraft server!
We have just started out so we do need staff all ranks are open and we have a website to fill in applications which should be down below : ByEmmet im the owner along with Nielsyboy765 being Owner Aswell

We are currently in need of staff including all ranks for example: Helper,Mod,Admin, Builder etc. we are 24/7 so it is likely that no staff are online but here is ElectricPixelmon's Discord. Discord:
We hope you enjoy your stay at ElectricPixelmon and come soon again!

Thanks for taking your time to read this :


First of all lol this guy below trying to argue out the other person that first reviewed this piece of shit. "me and a friend found him countless times applying on other servers." Did you even pass the fifth grade like what the actually fuck is that spelling. Also can I asked do you even know who the hell replied below I mean its anonymous, so unless they told you personally then that pretty funny. Anyways onward to the point don't waste your time here. "People get mad for not getting accepted in staff." Well as it goes how the fuck would you know the person and if he even applied seriously I'm doubting this shit so badly. I mean you reply unjustly and didn't take the time to have your Mom do a grammar and spelling check. I actually know the first reviewer below and he had me to see this cringe. He doesn't even own a Skype account nor does he apply for staff. The guy generally plays for the community unlike these staff do. I'm going to assume you're the Netherlands owner guy or whatever the hell your accent is, so how about some tips and advice for the next staff that work. Don't ask someone to apply for your server and waste his entire experience on your worthless 1.7.10 server you abandoned to apply on another server. Don't harass someone if you don't know who is the first reviewer. Finally, don't lie to the public about your horrible server. Like did you hire your little brother to build because when I first joined and a course I'm not coming back I see spawned in trees instead of hand built trees like the gentlemen below.
Posted 21st Dec 2016
people on this server get mad for not getting staff like this previous player who reviewed. me and a friend found him countless times applying on other servers. if he gets rejected he just moves on to a diffrent server. so he is a staff hopper himself. he even lied about the donations. we got everyone their stuff when they donated. but we didnt get much donations. i think that guy is confused. if that guy truly knows how to run a server. he wouldnt survive i day because hes known everywhere and people know him as the staff hopper. so he wont even get staff for himself He is not mature he deletes someone on skype after not knowing how to answer a question. overall the guy is telling lies all the time. and doesnt know how to handle not getting staff
Posted 20th Dec 2016
Don't waste your time here with these buffoons of staff. They claim it's a great server you'll enjoy, and your most likely here for the staff position but don't waste your time. The official owner that goes by the name of ByEmmet is really ByTarget. ByTarget is known as a inappropriate, unmature, and brat that server hops servers for staff. The guy claims he is a great developer and will make your server great but all he does is invite his clowns of friends to ruin your server. The second owner Nielsyboy765 is a clueless person who doesn't know how to run their servers. I've worked for the two of them, and oh boy did I waste my time on their servers to go down in seconds of their bullying. They stuck me with a 1.7.10 server that people donated 100 to 300 dollars to not receive their stuff. They will must likely abandoned their server again you might as well go play the bigger servers then this toxic trash.
Posted 17th Dec 2016