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Hello my name is Udder i am the owner of Milkyball and i would happily invite you to join our server, We are a pixelmon server that is in survival mode but we do have KeepInventory on. This means that you will not lose any gear on death. We allow players to build towns using the polis plugin, this way players can build their own communities in our server.

We hold weekly tournaments to put our players to the test, These tournaments will have different kind of challenges. Sometimes you will only be allowed to have lvl 1 pokemons but sometimes it is just a plain old lvl 100 pokebattle.

Our economy system is not to difficult and is pretty plain you can sell almost every pixelmon item and some vanilla minecraft items. With the money you can buy a big vary of pixelmon items.

We do not want our players to have it to difficult so our starter kit is there to give them a boost we also have daily kits with rarecandies for the players that are consistent on our server.

Well if you would like to find our more about our server join us with pixelmon version 5.0.0 beta 12 at: or

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