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Welcome to Fallen-Networks! We strive to bring you the best content in Pixelmon. In doing so, we have a bunch of custom plugins for you to enjoy.

We use the Pixelmon Generations Modpack, as well as Pixelspark!
How to Install Modpacks:


  • Shiny Level 15 Starters!
  • Wonderful Voting Rewards!
  • Extensive Player/Donor Kits!
  • Crates for Voters & Donors!
  • Robust Economy!
  • Keep Inventory!
  • Friendly Staff!
  • Legendary Spawns Enabled!
  • Marriages!
  • Custom Clans!
  • Custom Claiming Plugin!
  • God Mode For Players!
  • Seasonal Presents
  • Other features to come!

Coming Soon:

  • Tournaments!
  • Player Ran Gym's and E4!
  • Daily Quests!
  • Clan Quests!
  • Vote Milestones!
  • Vote Parties!
  • GTS!
  • Free Sashes and Hats!

Be sure to check out our other servers on the hub!

  • Tekkit Legends (COMING SOON)
  • Minecraft Survival/Skyblock/Factions/OP Prison (COMING SOON)

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