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-PokeBit- Brand new server! Recruiting gym leaders and more!

-All Pixelmon features
-Survival and claiming
-Safari Zone
-and lots more!

This server used to be good until the owner started neglecting it, I even tried talking to him but he never responded and neither did the staff. They just stopped caring about this server without even telling anybody. If you are going to join this server, please do not. You will be alone and nobody to help you or care about you, this server has really gone down hill and it might as well be deleted.
Posted 23rd Dec 2021
Was pretty cool at first, thought the community was nice n humble until I said something about my mom, who is dying from cancer, and two people started making fun of it. There was no help from the owner either, who just said "no one cares about this topic" without any reprimanding to the other two players.

TL;DR : Was cool at first til my dying mom was being made fun of
Posted 1st Oct 2021
Great server, good community, quality owner, 10/10!! would recommend
Posted 20th Sep 2021
its a nice server active chat and nice community and im definitely staying and enjoying my self on this server
Posted 19th Sep 2021
I'd really enjoy playing on the server! The server has just opened and the owner/developer are doing a great job in my opinion. They do listen to the community and are open for suggestions. The only downside of the server is that there aren't staff members for every timezone yet.
Posted 11th Sep 2021
This is a wonderful server that started just a few days ago (as of 9/10/21) Already with a great community and plenty of competition for any type of player. Perfect access to anything you may possibly need for your pixelmon adventure. Stop in and give it a try, you wont regret it!
Posted 10th Sep 2021