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The spawn is very messy, no healers at spawn for beginners, the ./pc command is donator only, which is p2w. Would not recommend.
Posted 17th Aug 2018
Overall, it's a wonderful server.

The community is nice in general. People are willing to help out even when the staff team is busy with others. Very welcoming if you're new. Different from other servers, it's not too hard to level, but it's certainly not the easiest as from other servers who may give you a good chunk of rare candies on a daily basis. There are some issues which include some players who can be mean, lag spikes happen often, and the staff team not being available *all* of the time. While they do their best, it's appreciated. Tournaments are held every so often and giveaways are done on the discord. A very good server overall and personally my favorite. First server I'd recommend to anyone who plays or is interested in Pixelmon.
Posted 28th Jun 2018
My antivirus says that there is a threat on here
Posted 15th Dec 2017
This is my favorite server i've ever played on. good staff and owner is on all the time.
Posted 6th Nov 2017
Best server I've ever played on. Really good community, always staff helping players, awesome plugins I've never seen anywhere else.
Posted 6th Nov 2017
I personally dont like how the server goes they blame it on other players
Posted 27th Oct 2017
be positive and keep an open mind I like this server but others may not. I don't care I like this server so I don't care what others save
Posted 28th Jul 2017
What the point advertising it if you have to be white listed.
Posted 6th May 2017