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Pixel Temple

Pixel Temple


Dear reader,
My name is Siebold. I am the owner of PixelTemple. Do you like pokemon? Do you like friendly communities? Kind staff who are willing to help you with what you need? Then Pixel Temple is for you! Come on down and experience these and other perks of playing on this server, such as:

  1. 8 Gyms based on the ones from Kanto
  2. An Elite Four you can challenge!
  3. Make money by defeating bosses, gym leaders, npcs!
  4. Weekly server events (Drop Parties, Tournaments and more!)
  5. Discord Server! (So you can chat with your fellow server players)
  6. Ride on Pokemon!
  7. Legendary and Mega Pokemon Spawns!
  8. Discover Spawned Buildings around the Map!
  9. A cheap in-game shop!
    Our Server Address is [u][/u]! Our Website is!!!! Join us and have fun!!!

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