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[Pixelmon 4.2.5] Gary'sMon RPG Server [CustomNPCs]


Hello! Come join us on the brand new pixelmon server: Gary'sMon RPG.
Why "RPG" you might ask? Well we use the mod: CustomNPCs to give you guys amazing quests that follow the ideas of the Pokémon Games and the Anime. If you are a fan of both those things you will find alot of characters and landmarks in our server.
The gyms are run by the players and there is no rank or donation needed to become a gym leader. Every weekend (atleast) there will be tournaments where you guys will battle eachothers and the winner will then be able to become a gym leader.
After you beat the 8 gyms you will have to face off the Elite Four and then try to become the champion!

Some of the Events we will be holding:

  • PokéThriatlon
  • PokéQuiz (True or False Questions)
  • Spleef
  • The Great Ditto Hunt
  • Tournaments for Prizes


Add me on Skype for more info: lopesakaveno

CustomNPCs 1.8.8/1.8.9. Version:

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