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Aria of Aegis

Aria of Aegis


Aria of Aegis is a brand new Pixelmon adventure server thats been being built for over a year and has finally opened up to players into "open beta," in which we're hoping to bring players a real, dynamic Pixelmon experience with limited survival elements, plus the competitive features listed below:

  • 9 player-run dual-type gyms that test players strength with high-level strategies that are sure to push even the most experienced Pokémon players to their limits, without pushing the boundaries of what's naturally possible in Pokémon, plus carefully crafted challenges unique to the gyms.
  • 9 immense, varied towns that house the gyms, spread throughout the map between numbered routes.
  • player-run mono-type Elite 4, with periodic level 100 mono-type tournaments to determine who the Elite 4 members will be. The Champion will be whoever can defeat the current Elite 4 and the current Champion. [the Elite 4 challenge will open after beta]
  • several weekly tournaments hosted by staff and players for prize pools. [During beta, these may be limited]
    Further features include:
  • a main storyline that runs through a series of quests throughout the towns, offering big rewards to players.
  • smaller storylines that offer other rewards.
  • over a hundred houses for players to move into in every town, the price being based upon the number of doors it costs to cover the doorways of the house.
  • NPCs that populate the town and bring them to life with tips and interesting lore surrounding the towns.
  • NPC trainers on routes, in towns and hidden in the wild to supplement Pokémon grinding.
  • regular events for players for rewards (eg. hide and seek, find the sign, trivia, sumo, parkour, etc.)
  • high legendary spawn rates, without the message to say that they spawned to reward exploration.
  • Pokécenters in every town and on the routes so you don't need to run far to heal unless you're exploring in the middle of nowhere!
  • Pokémarts in every town to sell you everything you'll need on your journey, in return for money or Pokémon drops.
  • TM shops in every town.
  • straight-forward, purchasable breeding plots that let you get into breeding early in your adventure.
  • friendly, experienced and relaxed staff who love to play Pixelmon and see other players have a good time on the server. If you're new to Pixelmon or high-level Pixelmon then we'd love to show you the ropes.

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