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Pixelmon Stadium


Good news! We have a new server Pixelmon Stadium. If you are looking for a Pokemon experience like no other, this is the place to go. This is a Easy/No Grief/No PvP type of Survival Server; so no worries about losing your items if you die. If you would like to begin your Pokemon Journey to become a Master Trainer,.......We hope to see you on the server...


Server Features:
Server online 24/7 - 99.5% up-time.
100 Player slots!!!
Rules and moderated server.
Mature, experienced and active staff.
Blocks/region protection.
chest protection plugins
Casino slot machine
Pokémon Leveling Center
Mumble 100 player slots

First you need be sure that you have the new minecraft launcher downloaded. ( )
Next you will need to download Minecraft Forge and the official Pixelmon Mod a. FORGE:

Next you just need to be sure that you have ran Minecraft 1.6.4 at least once to generate all of the files.
Now you need to run the Forge.jar you got and it should open up the forge installer. Follow the steps shown on screen.
Next you need to go to your .minecraft folder. a. Windows: Start -> Run -> Type: &appdata% -> Roaming -> .minecraft b. Mac: Library -> Application Support -> minecraft
Now Delete any "DataBase" folder that may be present. If there is none then it is ok.
Drag the Pixelmon File you downloaded into your "mods" folder. (If you do not have a mod folder then just create one.
Now open your Minecraft launcher, click: Edit Profile -> Select Version -> Scroll all the way down release 1.6.4-Forge.
Save profile and launch.

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