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EmpressMC Pixelmon


Welcome to EmpressMC! A start-up server with a lot of potential for expansion! The server has been developed by a single person, and built with the help of 2 others. As such, we are looking for people to help build and further expand our server. We offer player gyms, with customised teams based on what the gym leader wants, LOTS of events, crate keys, and much more as of now, with a load more to come! So, what are you waiting for? Hop on in to EmpressMC, and I'll meet you on!

So, I've been hoping to run into you on the server but haven't seen anyone. There's 3 major issues I'd like to tell you- the most pressing, bizzarely enough, nobody can access chests. At all. Be they spawned naturally or placed, you just can't open them. Starters are not shiny like it says in the tag. Your spawn has been severely griefed. And there's no permission for any commands whatsoever, not even /help or /rules. Still been playing, found a nice spot for my house. Found you can use Shulker Boxes in place of Chests.
Posted 8th Jul 2018