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GoldenCraft Pixelmon 2.0


GoldenCraft is not a server: it's a universe. A temple in which people can interact within a lively community, participate in competitions, and rocket to astounding heights in the Pokemon League. Every trainer's paradise in this Pokemon-based MMO Minecraft adventure lies within the core of that IP address. Open the gates to a boundless world and begin your quest to become the absolute best. What more must you wait for? Your starter Pokemon awaits your arrival.

Server Features:

  • Player Gym Leaders
  • Ev Training Centers
  • Level 10 Starters
  • Daily Vote Rewards
  • Vote Crate
  • Increased Shiny/Legend Spawn Rate
  • Grief Prevention
  • Weekly Drop Parties
  • Daily Events
  • Amazingly Stable Economy
  • Super Friendly Staff
  • Wondertrade
  • Free Rank

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