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Mergical Gaming


Mergical Gaming offers a one-of-a-kind pixelmon experience. We feature competitive, player-run, dual-typed gyms, a large Battle Frontier, 24/7 uptime, virtually no lag, a Move Tutor with server exclusive Move Tutor moves and abilities, such as Earth Power Typhlosion and Rock Head Rampardos, weekly Tournaments and events, and much, much more!

Other features include:

  • Huge PokeMart with almost every item and block
  • GriefPrevention
  • EVs/IVs Commands
  • Breeding
  • Riding Enabled
  • EV Training Center
  • KeepInventory on
  • Peaceful Survival
  • Safari Zone
  • Global Trade Station
  • All Legendaries spawn
The staff at this server are less than desirable. This server used to be good. Then the owner invited his girlfriend to be admin on the server.
The reviews here are from people who played for 3-5 days. I was part of this server for several months, I left because of the constant harassment from the upper staff on the server, including the owner. I tried to fix some of the problems, but to avail. They encourage vulgar and profane language, Stay away if you want family friendly.

That is from the owner after a complaint was made about the staff harassment, after that message reached me I was banned from the server. I was a large contributor to the server, and this is unacceptable.

0/10, Stay away.
Posted 11th May 2017
im new, but i love this server so far. great staff, great players! and great... everything!
Posted 8th May 2017
I love the whole thing. Its a lot of fun,
Posted 6th May 2017
Ign:Ryodan I love this server alot, the staff are kind the people are friendly the plugins are well set up and overall its well balanced, people are competitive and its great , i love that im able to find people to battle whenever i feel like it and it really does help when you have a good farm set up as you have a good sourc of income, if you want to meet me on here just hop and and we can battle. ;p see ya
Posted 24th Apr 2017
Im still fairly new to the server but I can already tell I'm going to be using all fo my time in to playing on this server. Has a very nice starter kit can get everything I need to start of with plenty of rare candies so you aren't that much lower than everyone else. Overall this server is very competitive that if you love to battle, then why not play here plus you also get a good shiny starter so come join us.
Posted 31st Mar 2017
This is by far the very best pixelmon server I have ever played on. For starters it has a great starter kit and you can use it twice when you log in so you can get even more epic resources! The staff are great, helpful, and even respond quickly. Come join this server and play with us. You won't regret it!
Posted 27th Mar 2017
Mergical Gaming provides a very unique Pixelmon experience. It is by far the most competitive based server out there, and it gives a new way to battle to already competitive players, by giving underused Pokemon moves and abilities to allow them to become viable threats. Overall, I highly suggest giving it a try.
Posted 26th Mar 2017
i like this server cause the staff are SO friendly and i dont lag at all and the map is AWESOME and i barely lag its AMAZING i wish i could play 24 7
Posted 24th Mar 2017
I think so far I enjoy this server. There are certainly more players to interact with as oppose to the dead server I was on before this. 9/10
Posted 17th Mar 2017
people were mean to me becuase i asked questions too much i guess and they never have staff online to see it
Posted 23rd Feb 2017
The only reason it isn't receiving the lowest score is because as far as features and reliability, it's as good as they come.
That said, the Staff and Community have some severe problems.
The Staff show favoritism to people who they know from other games or real life, and they get special privileges such as breaking the defined rules, and letting it slide.
Basically, if you wan't to enjoy this server, all you have to do is know the staff from elsewhere. It's very inner-circle so be careful who you talk to also. If you displease the circle then you aren't going to have a good time, you may as well find another server because you only get one chance to make them happy.
They hold regular events, it's not anything special. Drop parties are basically filled with building blocks, 3 worthwhile items, and possibly a shiny Pokemon. I'm sure you can guess who gets these things ever time. 3 people leave with something, and those 3 people also got something the time before, and the time before that.
Posted 22nd Feb 2017
this server is really fun and cool all of the people are friendly and staff is usually able to help there are many things you can do like gyms catch legends and just play with friends its small so not many people to play with but i have no doubt that you wont have fun on this server just give it a try and if you dont like it then you must not like many things :-) :-) :-)
Posted 12th Feb 2017
Mergic gaming is the best pixelmon server that i have played when it comes to the wild pokemon unlike all the other servers i play this one has tons of wild pixelmon everywhere its more fun for me personally when there is tons of wild pokemon to catch! also i have found the players and staff to be the most helpful going out of their way to help others that need help.

Posted 10th Feb 2017
IGN: Supergamerlover

I like that everyone is pretty chill. The staff is very polite and helpful. I also like that the server starts off players with a golden shovel and it gives a decent amount of claim blocks. It's really fun to train on there while talking to other players. There is nothing I really dislike about the server. I just really like this server because it has a calm atmosphere.
Posted 6th Feb 2017
IGN: Driftkin
Been playing this server for about a month and cant get enough of it. Has many neat things that make the game easy but yet still challenging. Love that you can Use GameShark and Protect land with Gold Shovel. More private that way. Very friendly players and staff that help you with every need. Has a Good Spawn rate where you get an even shiny to Legend ratio. You can capture almost any pokemon you can imagine but dont let this fool you still has its troubles. No Block lag. Over all has become one of my favorite servers.
Posted 4th Feb 2017
I haven't been on Mergical long, my friend brought me in a while back and i only recently came back in. So far I've seen a wonderful server with responsible staff and minimal lag, the occasional bug happens but that comes with the mod really. The staff addresses these and combats them as best they can, as well as having a fair system for upholding their rules. While I've been looking for a regular place to play, this has got to be on the top of my list.
Posted 3rd Feb 2017
Username: Chrischips

Mergical gaming is a great pixelmon server for many reasons. the staff on this server are amazing and willing to help out with any problems you have. Members on the server keep chat appropriate so any aged player can join and have fun. Overall i believe the server is a great place to come and play pixelmon as other servers don't even compare to this server.
Posted 3rd Feb 2017
Amazing server... i left it because spawn rate has been set back to normal and i dont like those kind of servers
Posted 13th Jan 2017
Recently I have been searching for a good server for competitive battling, and I have come to the conclusion that Mergic Pixelmon is just that. This server has nearly everything I was looking for, like rare candy that you don't have to donate for, an EV room, competitive gyms, and weekly tournaments. From what I have seen so far, the community is very nice here compared to other servers. Upon my joining I was instantly welcomed and felt like part of the gang. I've made many great friends on this server and would really recommend it. The staff is also very good and actually competent, unlike a lot of servers. They are very good at their jobs, and very nice as well. Overall I would rate this server 9 out of 10, would be 10 if the gym leader were just a little more active.

Anyways, I don't think you could go wrong choosing this server. It's great!
Posted 1st Oct 2016
Some of the staff was mean. Also many many people have left the server.
Posted 1st Oct 2016
This server is great. It has a really loving community and everyone is very friendly. There is relatively no cursing if you are younger, but still lotsof fun things to do. There are 8 gyms, and by defeating all of them you can become an Ace Trainer and be in the Hall of Fame!
There is a movetutor system, and many ways to edit pokemon including moves, levels, abilities and natures. Multiple in-game shop let you get the most out of your money, and there is even an ev-training area!
The are limits and bans in gyms so that one person who donates a lot isn't the top of the server which makes it a lot more fun.

Go on now! and be the very best! (that no one ever was)
Posted 5th Sep 2016
I love this server:
It has an awesome community, and everyone always wants to help. This place is awesome, and im sure u will love it here!
Posted 5th Sep 2016