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PokeCrafts Pixelmon Dark

PokeCrafts Pixelmon Dark 1.6.1



Welcome to Spawn Your First View of PokeCrafts
Spawn 2

Spawn 2

Our Poke Mart & Poke Center and the Professors Lab where you start your journey.
Town : Ouback

Town : Ouback

One of our story towns which also has a Gym if you choose not to follow the story mode.
Town : Lakeside

Town : Lakeside

Another one of our story towns which has a open Gym and houses the Move Tutor Shop.


One of our custom legendary bird shrines.

Welcome to Pixelmon Dark 1.6.1 / 1.10.2 on PokeCrafts

With a New Release of Pixelmon Comes a New Kind of server Check PokeCrafts out for your next Pixelmon Journey!

Features :

Story Mode ( The Story is optional )
Natural Legendary Spawning
Elite 4
Team Rocket
Grief Protection for Land Claims
Custom Arcade
& Much Much More

Donation Store Available

i like it because of its unique features. iv'e never seen a server allow you to fight for commands. they make you buy the commands all of the time. of course you can buy the commands but you can get them for free aswell. not much people so there isn't much people that are way better than you. very fun and good for spending time. you will get treated good by most players and you might make friends with new people! overall there's nothing i can point about that i hate here.
Posted 1st Feb 2017
Really awesome server with things such as clans, wondertrade and much more. The community is amazing and all of the staff and players are nice too. It's really something worth looking into.
Posted 28th Jan 2017