This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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PsyPixel 1.7.10


PsyPixel Server


Applied Energistics

Better Storage




Install Instructions
Installation is easy! Just follow these simple instructions and you will be on the server in no time!

Step 1: Download the ATLauncher and put it in its own folder (link:
Step 2: Run the launcher and set up your account. This will be your minecraft user account info.
Step 3: click on the Packs tab on the right then click add pack at the top. Add "Psytech".
Step 4: once the pack has been added find it on the list and click the "new instance" button. Select PsyPixel_1.0 version. Follow the instructions till the pack is installed.
Step 5: Click the Instances tab on the right and run the pack. The server should already be in the multiplayer listings.

Server Name: PsyPixel

Twitch.TV Stream:

Server Stats: 4GB RAM; 3GHz CPU; 10 Slots+; 24/7 dedicated

Essentials, Permissions EX, Creative Gates, PreciousStones, Votifier

Teamspeak 3:

Server Address:

Have a problem? Report it on this thread and I'll get around to you.


Donate to the server to keep it running.
Donate to the mod authors for their awesome mods.

Requirements for staff application:
1) Get to know me. I don't let strangers run my server.
2) Have Teamspeak 3 with a mic. Communication is important.
3) Be mature. If you are 15 years old, you better act 18.
4) Play to have fun, not to have power. It can be taken away.
All applications are accepted on an "as needed" basis.
Don't expect to be handed moderator just because you applied.
Applications are accepted in game or on the forum "as needed".

Staff Needed! Maybe.

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