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i love it here DragonsGames
Posted 19th Nov 2020
This server is horrible and will never recommend. To many issues including scams from a helper on the server and server lagging, freezing, auto disconnecting
almost every time I play.
Posted 8th Sep 2020
i love this server but sadly i dont have my own acc so i alaways have to find a free acc in like please dont ban me
Posted 12th Aug 2020
goooooooooood server 5 stars
Posted 9th Jun 2020
This I great server me and alot of freand. Play slot of this sever it's really fun.
Posted 20th Mar 2020
Good food. 10/10 would eat there again.
Posted 21st Feb 2020
This is an amazing server
Posted 15th Feb 2020
honestly its the most balanced pixelmon server i have ever played
Posted 4th Dec 2019
BEst server reccomend it 2 u in need
Posted 23rd Nov 2019
PokeSmash is my favorite server for pixelmon. I like that there is a EV/IV's Training Area, the Teams (#TeamAbyss), the spawn is outstanding, both the team's bases are Epic. Even the spawn rate are higher (Ex. the pokeloot is more common) and my favorite thing is that my favorite YouTuber owns the server (Sirud). This is the #1 Pixelmon Server in the World!
Posted 17th Aug 2019
Server is very fun, Constant activity giveaways events and boosts of spawns and other rates are great. Albeit it contains ''pay to win'' aspects they are limited and easily overcome with normal gameplay so not that bad at all. 9/10 would reccomend
Posted 7th Jul 2019
great community good no lag and it's easy to make money
Posted 10th Apr 2019
Great server active players lots to do
Posted 12th Mar 2019
Amazing server, awesome people! Check it out!
Posted 20th Jan 2019