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Come check out PokeGeared!


What PokeGeared offers:
-Pokemon Prop Hunt! (Think of Gary's Mod) Only PokeGeared offers this!!!!!!!!!
-In game ranks earned by interacting with Pixelmon! (backpacks included upon earning ranks)!
-Shiny Starters
-Player and NPC gyms
-Player E4 and Champion
-Grief Protection
-Global Trading System
-Trivia Plugin
-Builds made by professionals in a unique steampunk style
-A discord to chat with the friendly community and staff
-Custom-made plugins
-TM Trade
-Dedicated staff team to help at any time

Have you ever wanted to play pixelmon on a public server, but still get the feeling of a nice community? PokeGeared is a new server which offers one of the most community oriented server experiences possible. How we do it? We aren't in it for the money, we made this server for players to enjoy, not to throw money at. Though we do offer paid ranks, the profits go back into the server to continually improve. We offer various minigames which anyone can compete in to earn great prizes! Parkour, Easter eggs, Pokémon themed riddles, and even more! We have professional builders who create mind-blowing structures with Easter eggs hidden throughout. If you are a PokéPro, you could apply to become a gym leader! You can challenge and lead a choice of eight professionally built gyms to gain badges in order to show Pokébattling skills! Join now at!

We will always remain updated on the pixelmon version to keep the players interested. If you cannot join our server, then be sure to have the latest version of pixelmon!

Really fun server with active community, amazing staff and lots things to do. Unfortunately I was recently banned because of a misunderstanding but my friend is currently going to clear things up with the staff (It looked like me and another friend griefed him but we did this because we were all moving out of the area anyways, i was all in good fun). But I am sure because of the active and understanding staff that we will be able to sort things out soon. I rate this server a 10/10 :)
Posted 23rd Jun 2018
Great server, great staff team, great builds, structured economy, everything. Sad to see that the reviews are plagued by trolls that give negative reviews, but this should help boost it.
Posted 12th Jul 2017
A very good pixelmon server :D
Posted 10th Jul 2017
This server is a must visit for any pixelmon fan. Fantastic builds, Great quality of life plugins like GTS, WT and TMTrade. Anti grief is available to keep all your favourite builds safe. Friendly staff members as well as dedicated admins and owner. One of the best pixelmon servers I have played on in a long time. Keeps up with the newest pixelmon version the best it can so you can always have those cool new Pokemon teams.

10/10 Have not seen a pixelmon server this good in a long time.
Posted 3rd Jun 2017
I really like this server, it has a cool mod that makes people get XP and if you get enough you can get a rank without having to pay!
Posted 23rd May 2017
I am still relatively new to PokeGeared but I can see myself sticking around for a long time! The community is great for a laugh and it's easy to spend the day just chatting. Everyone in discord is welcoming and players are informed of all changes as they are happening, so no surprises! Still young and ever changing to keep player interest, I say come on in and enjoy the fun! <3

10/10 would recommend!
Posted 20th May 2017
So I was bored this one day and joined the server. Out of nowhere a hawk came flying into my room and took my phone from me. I started chasing said hawk, but lost it somewhere above a forest. I had to spend the night there. It was cold, very cold. When I woke up I looked around and didn't recognize where I was. I started walking in one direction only to end up in the same place I walked away from. I remembered seeing this in a horror movie. I knew there was only one way to get out of this cursed forest, so I started crying. The only way out, was to be completely filled with fear. I started screaming for help, but I never got a reply. I fell asleep. Nightmares made me wake up about 5 times during the night. When I saw the rising sun, I knew which way I had to walk in. I finally got out of that forest and I swore never to return. When I got back home and checked my PC, I was kicked for being AFK too long. After that I started playing on the server. Very good server.
Posted 16th May 2017
Honestly a breath of fresh air compared so some of the other pixelmon severs I have tried! Up to date pixelmon which doesn't stop the awesome owner of the server to continue to look into ways to add plug and extra features! Stunning spawn city! The landscape is intact!! Friendly players as well as mods and such. Everyone welcomes you so kindly! Special shout out to Alltherice who made being on the server a breeze! On this server the staff and the owner are all personable but are willing to step in to make your experience the best it could be.

You'll want to join this server! Trust me!
Posted 1st May 2017
Very fun server, the staff just act like regular players until something happens to where they need to intervene. Really fun Pokehunts and a very pretty spawn!
Posted 28th Apr 2017
I've had a great time on the server! The staff are always helpful and reliable, and the community has been great. My favorite thing about the server is the spawn city, it looks great!
Posted 8th Mar 2017
Bad server with some childies staff (not all), there most lazy and they thing that the are superior.
Posted 5th Mar 2017
I've been having soo much fun on this server! The staff is so supportive and so is everyone else. It's a fun environment and I've had a great time. I would definitely recommend it.
Posted 3rd Mar 2017
A good, well-balanced, server that isn't pay-to-win, now 24-02-17, with a great ,active, owner who is looking for ways to add to his server all the time. Awesome small community with super friendly and cool staff; however biased this sounds I haven't even been playing for a few weeks. I can't wait for this server to prosper and thrive in the future. This server, like most servers, has a rough start. Server support is very good with respectable response times. Offers you great value for money ranks and other various bundles available. Server rules are decent, nothing to absurd.

Bottom line: Great server / owner, Great staff, Great community, NOT pay-to-win.
Posted 24th Feb 2017
Very nice people. would love to keep playing on this server
Posted 5th Feb 2017
Almost everyone is very friendly and helpful!
Posted 29th Jan 2017
This server is just plain amazing. It single-handedly brought me back into Minecraft in general, with its friendly staff, amazing community, stunning builds, and creative plugins. This is the staple of what a Pixelmon server should be and what it should do for its fans. 11/10
Posted 25th Jan 2017
Very Fun Server. Much Good Very Wow
Posted 25th Jan 2017