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Poke Amica

Poke Amica


PokeAmica - A serene Pixelmon Experience!!
Running Pixelmon Reforged (Always up to date!!)

Poke Amica is all about giving everyone a fair chance to get everything while still being fun!We have custom forms and lots of fun content (like crates) to keep you entertained beyond the basic pixelmon expirience! All members at PokeAmica are patiently waiting for YOU to get in here! We have friendly and helpful staff, loyal and sweet players, and tons of features that you won’t find anywhere else.

Really nice little server! I see a great future ahead of this server, and definitely recommend it! <3
Posted 12th Jul 2020
i agree with him its so annoying and shouldnt be allowed
Posted 8th Jul 2020
I’m so tired of owners advertising there server when it’s whitelisted. If it’s not public yet do not advertise !! Especially when you aren’t even letting us know that it’s whitelisted. All the interest, and effort to set everything up to join a server that isn’t completed. Such a joke
Posted 7th Jul 2020