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RandomCraft Pixelmon

RandomCraft Pixelmon 5.0.4


Welcome to RandomCraft Pixelmon 5.0.4 for CRACKED Minecraft users!


We are a freshly started Pixelmon 5.0.4 server. This will give players the ability to join the top tiers of Pokémon Trainers!
Become a Champion, collect all Pokémon's or explore our vast world full with secrets to discover!

  • Active staffmembers
  • Pick your starter!
  • Biome Warps
  • Grind up in EV Training.
  • Trade with your friends, battle your enemies!
  • Become the best, like no one ever was!


  • NPC Gyms!
  • Player Gyms!
  • Mystery Gift!
  • Vote Chests!
  • Wondertrade
  • More!

To install the correct mods, follow this tutorial:

Links: Pixelmon Download
& Sponge Download


hi there im Farbod, well i have to thank rc pixelmon staff for making pixelmon so enjoyable, but im suggestion a warp or sth for teaching stuff, not like old warp tutorial that was so simple. im still noob and dont know what should i do in pixelmon XD. good luck
Posted 8th Dec 2016