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Pikachus Vacation

Pikachus Vacation! UPDATED 4.2.5


Hello, we at Pikachu's Vacation strive for a mature community. We are looking for mature players who will contribute to our server. We are very new and have little to no players and are hoping that maybe you will join. We offer Claiming with POLIS so there is no griefing. At spawn we have a shop that will fit all your needs and we have EssentialCmds. Proper ranks are enabled and the world size is quite large. We take every suggestion to heart and hope you give some feedback. We are always looking to improve! If anything is bugging out or not working, we are very willing to try our best to help. So do not be afraid to ask. We have a beautiful spawn and are hoping to add gym leaders soon. We have an up and coming fire gym leader! If you feel as if you can take on the challenge of being a gym leader, by all means contact an Owner or Admin and we can make it happen! We can even supply you badges to hand out. We hope you enjoy your stay and we will do everything in our power to make you happy! Please feel free to stop by and check it out!

Be mature, there is no need to throw a fit
Swearing is okay if limited.
Be respectful to people, everyone is a different age
Respect the Owners/Admins
No griefing/x-raying If scammed somehow, please report it to the Owners/Admins
Server IP - Please Join Us!

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