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Scraggycraft 24/7 NoLag Friendly Staff Scraggycraf


Hello! Thank you for Checking out Scraggycraft! Our server is a 24/7 Survival Pixelmon 2.5.7 server, Difficultly is on Peaceful and you don't need to worry about losing your stuff with KeepInventory being on the server. I honestly don't believe in paying money for ranks or spending money for In-game things like masterballs or Legendaries. Here's how our system works:

  1. We have a unique system using books as "Vouchers" Obtain these "Vouchers" by earn enough cash and buying it in the shop or find them hidden in chests across the map. These "Vouchers" include: Starters, Any Pokemon besides starters or Legendaries, Legendaries, Shiny Starters, Shiny Pokemon besides Starters or Legendaries, Shiny Legendaries, and soon to come buy-able Ranks, In-Game Kits, and More!
  2. Ranks can be bought in the donation store.
    3.Survival- Use /warp wild to access the Survival Area, there you are allowed to do anything you want, Mine, Build a house and start a survival or your own. In Survival, the world is yours for the taking.
    4.Shop- The shop is very simple, sell your drops from survival to earn money, from their you can spend it on Pokeballs, TM's, Evolution Stones, Held Items,etc. All for reasonable prices!
  3. Soon to Come Things- Expect to see many Towns come, Gyms, Parkour, and Much More!

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