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Dragonic Pixelmon Survival


Dragonic Pixelmon is a Community that trys our best to make the server the best enviroment for people who want to play pixelmon and just relax a bit. We want to make the server a place where a player can just have fun with their friends and enjoy their time on the server. The staff on the server do the best of their to maintain the peace on the server so nothing bad goes to critical mass. We are just starting out so we dont have many things set up yet so we will be building things when you join the server.
We as a server try our best to make a environment where the players have extra activities to do so they dont get bored of the basic things a pixelmon server normally has. We have a vast amount of things for players to do such as quests that use the mechanics that Custom NPC puts into play, to Gym Battles that add a little more excitment into the players day. We do events like Drop Parties and Pixelmon Hunts where a player has to find a specific pixelmon and can get rewards for it.
Housing? We have houses and hotels in towns for traveling trainers that just want to travel instead of building houses in survival areas. This also allows trainers that are just starting out to have a place where thay can store their items and other things they just want out of their Inventory for a small price to maintain the living area. We have a economy that allows players to buy and sell items, this also allows them to buy things in-game that cant be normally crafted or found in the game such as Master Balls and Bird Shrines.
We all like things that look nice and all so we try our best to make spawn and gym towns look as good as possible.
Well enough talk about the server if you want to learn more visit our website at Http:// or hop online and join the fun.
Before I end this off i just want to thank all the people who have read this all the way through. If you have any questions please contact me or visit the website fourms and post a thread. Thanks again for reading this.

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