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Pixelmon Adventures

Pixelmon Adventures


Pixelmon Adventures

Pixelmon Generations Server




Download Pixelmon Generations here:


  • Events
  • Auction house
  • PokeSashes
  • PokeHats
  • Reward Crates
  • Family Friendly
Best pixelmon server I have ever found.

I have search but never found any good. Then my wife and brother found this and tried it out. No regrets.

No lag, not too many people, not few people but not many eitherhaha they have what Ive been looking for.
Posted 23rd Aug 2019
Bad. Terrible. I got framed by a staff member and got banned because of it.
Posted 2nd Mar 2019
I definitely recommend this server to anyone who like pixelmon/pokemon! Being able to start off with a free shiny is really amazing, and also being able to play with your friends and make your own structures with them is a great feature this server offers. Also I found a wild shiny torterra, pretty happy about that :D
Posted 5th Apr 2018