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Install PIxelmon 3.5.1 simple and extremely easy!

    Step 1

Download and install the technic launcher at

    Step 2

Launch the technic pack launcher and click on modpacks on the top.

   Step 3

Search the following >> <<

   Step 4

Simply click on our pack from the search results, then press install in the bottom right.

  Step 5

Installing can take up to 5+ minutes and you have to be patient with it, just like any other mod installing.

  Step 6

Once the modpack installation is complete, click on Play in the bottom right corner.

  Step 7

Enjoy some exponentially simple installation pixelmon!

there rules didnt specify hat you couldnt use glitches that they didnt know about. so i got banned for "cheating" when they didnt even know the glitch even existed
Posted 6th Oct 2016
I really love this server because all the staff are nice and friendly and available almost all the time.
We get to play games and do tourneys so that's always a joy.
Posted 27th Sep 2016
best server ever amazing staff especially the head mod
fun tournaments with lots of prizes and fun community
Posted 27th Sep 2016
This server has really nice staff.No Lag.Players are really nice and helpful.For a new server its really really good
Posted 28th Aug 2016