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DomlaxMC - 4.0.8 Pixelmon!


DomlaxMC is a fun updated server with the newest version of Pixelmon! We have many cool features and epic custom plugins! Our goal is to let you have the most funnest time ever! :D We are not looking for a huge server. We are looking for players we can have in our community and call family! :D

We have added the economy back into the server as well as voting and shops that will be here around next year or sooner. The scoreboard is back to tell what staff is on and how many players are on. (The balance will come back soon). We added 3 new side mods that we think you will all enjoy. One is PixelmonFriends, with this plugin you are able to add other people as friends and see what they are up to! Second is MysteryGift, with this mod you are able to get gifts that admins put out there and whoever gets it first is the only one who gets it! Thrid is Global Trade Station! Global Trade Station (GTS) is a Pixelmon sidemod that is based on the Global Trade Station feature from the Pokémon games (Generation 4-6).

We have very friendly staff that are there to help you in your time of needs! No worrying about being left out and not knowing what to do.

We have advanced gyms and we are currently looking for leaders. We want the best of the best. If you think you are you can head on down to the server! Events take place such as Drop Parties and Boss Events in the Safari! Also little mini games created by players and staff!

We hope you can join us and have fun! See you there!

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