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-Custom Region-
-Server Wide Perks-
-Fossil Trade-
-Fair Economy-
-Fair Staff-
-Rules Designed To Limit Cheating-

On this server, you will play through Iria, a fully customized region with unique towns, gyms, and hidden secrets. Travel through the tunnels of the cave town, or find the hidden entrance to the town in the forest. And just where are the shady criminals who you've come to expect in a pokemon game? Well, you'll have to track down the base and work together to navigate through it. Can you find all the secret pokeloot scattered around? There's some in every town. And just where can you buy rare candy? Well you'll have to look around to figure that out.

Supercrafters encourages full exploration of the region, with hidden pokeloot in every town, and little secrets and easter eggs. In the future we hope to integrate custom NPC's to really bring the story of Iria to life, as it was intended to be played. Each town was hand crafted with no reference to any other town (Though of course some may seem similar) and each leader was custom designed by our resident pokemon expert to be as difficult as possible, while still being fair. While the EULA is still being fleshed out, we have a fair and random method of obtaining perks, with grab bags that give a random something to the entire server, ranging from 10 rare candies for everyone to a huge event announced a week in advance, with the chance to collect dozens of masterball loot (If you can stay alive that long). Supercrafter staff are fair and non-biased, even to friends, and we encourage real playing of the game, meaning no pokemon lending and no badge trading, so people can't skip ahead and make it unfair for everyone else.

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